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At RAMDEVS MOTORS, we recognize the importance of keeping your electric motors and pumps running smoothly. Beyond the main units, the longevity and performance of these machines are often determined by the quality and reliability of their associated components. As an industry leader, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and associated components tailored to meet your specific needs.


  • For Electric Motors:

    • Bearings: Enhance the operational efficiency of your motors with our high-quality bearings.

    • Cooling Fans: Maintain the right operational temperature with our range of cooling fans.

    • Terminal Blocks: Secure and reliable connections made easy.

    • Shaft Extensions: Custom solutions for specific operational needs.

    • End Shields and Flanges: Durable components that guarantee a longer life for your motors.

  • For Pumps:

    • Mechanical Seals: Prevent leaks and maintain pump efficiency.

    • Impellers: Optimized for fluid movement and efficiency.

    • Casings: Robust designs to withstand challenging conditions.

    • O-Rings & Gaskets: Ensure a perfect seal and prevent unwanted leakages.

    • Pump Shafts: Precision engineered for optimal performance.

    • Pump Bearings: Extend the life of your pumps with our premium bearings.


We recognize that off-the-shelf components might not always meet unique requirements. At RAMDEVS MOTORS, we offer customization to ensure that the parts you get are perfect for your specific application.

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